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University Loans

University Loans are funds donated by friends and former students of the University. They are administered by the Board of Trustees through the Office of Financial Aid.

Loan applications are made in the Financial Aid Office.

Students complete the promissory note, initial Interview and exit interview requirements in the Student Loan Department.

University Loans are collected by the Student Loan Department and require a credit worthy surety who is not a student, the borrower’s spouse, a University employee, or in default on any obligation to the University.

Interest is 6% APR from the date of disbursement and is payable in July of each year while the student is enrolled.

After a borrower is no longer enrolled at UT as an at least half time student, they receive a 9 month grace period when no principal payment is due. If a borrower returns to UT as an at least half time student after they have used the initial 9 month grace period, they receive a 6 month post UT student deferment grace period when no principal repayment is due.

When repayment begins monthly payments are 1/36th of the total amount borrowed plus interest. A minimum monthly payment of $30 applies.

Borrowers are required to complete an Exit Interview when withdrawing, graduating, or transferring from UT.

Any change of address must be promptly reported to the Student Loan Department.

Questions?  Contact our office at 865-974-4497 or

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